Hamtaro: Hamtaro’s Birthday! – 3000 Hammy Steps in Search of Mommy

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Hamtaro: Hamtaro's Birthday! - 3000 Hammy Steps in Search of Mommy

Other names:
Tottoko Hamtarou OVA 1: Hamtaro no Otanjoubi - Mama wo Tasunete Sanzen Techi Techi; Hamutarou no Otanjobi; ハム太郎のおたんじょうび 〜ママをたずねて三千てちてち〜
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Adventure, Comedy, Kids
Date aired:
Nov 21, 2002
Age Rating:
G - All Ages
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Laura tells Hamtaro where he came from yet Laura thinks it is not true, just in time for his birthday, Hamtaro sets out with Boss and Oxnard to visit his mother to see if what Laura said is true, while the other Ham-Hams set up a surprise birthday party for him.
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